Find. Compare. Evaluate.

The information you need. Data you can trust.

We provide high quality data and analytics on an unmatched global coverage of close to 70,000 active public companies. Our recognized expertise in cross-country standardization ensures consistent financial calculations across markets and industries.

Our decision to take Infinancials has been driven mainly by the quality of the data and analytics necessary to perform our analyses.

M&A Analyst, corporate finance advisory firm.

Find the best peers. Compare companies.
In seconds.

Take advantage of our predefined peer groups and unique tools for the identification of the best comparable companies — even within highly specific industry sectors. After saving your peer group, access market multiples and financial ratios in a single click. And don’t worry, full calculation transparency is available.

We mainly use Infinancials to search for company comparables. It's a very powerful tool with a nice and intuitive user interface.

Investment Manager, private equity firm.

Custom reports. No expertise required.

Build your comp table on the web and export it to Excel in one click. When you need to refresh your data, it’s just one more click. Want a full company report in PDF format? Again, you are just a click away. If you have more time, you can even browse our model library.

The Infinancials database greatly helped us to improve our portfolio management tool. The data — reliable and timely — is very easy to exploit in Excel thanks to a really intuitive add-in.

Business Analyst, asset management firm.

Gain an overall view of the market.
And pick the winners.

Top-down or bottom-up? We can do both. To analyze the market from the big picture all the way down to individual companies, we help you identify which industry sectors or market indices are performing best and pinpoint relative differences between comparable companies.

Infinancials adds value to my daily work, especially the screening process and the comparative tables that provide an instant summary of the critical information I am looking for.

Portfolio Manager, private banking firm.

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